Cloth Moths: How To Make Sure Your Clothes Are Safe: Cloth Protection Guide

Don’t you think your clothes deserve care and protection? Imagine the piece of cloth you love the most getting spoiled by cloth worms and moths. Won’t you feel bad that day when you open your wardrobe and find your favorite jeans or shirt completely spoiled and unable to be worn anymore?


There are chances that you’ve already experienced this, and that’s the sole reason you should learn about cloth protection. Knowing how to protect your clothes won’t only help you make your clothes last longer, but it will also lead your life toward sustainability. Let’s dive into how to give your clothes some extra protection.


Understanding the culprit and dealing with it: Cloth Protection


Well, before we talk about the steps that’ll help you learn about cloth protection, it’s important to know the reason behind their protection. Many of your clothes are spoiled by moths with their habit of munching and chewing your sweaters and other wear. Moths, along with dirt, uneven wear, humidity, etc., are the real reasons why your clothes are spoiled in very little time.

cloth protection

Now that we’re aware of the reasons why your favorite garment always gets ruined, let’s talk about how to protect it so it always lasts long:


Cleanliness is the key

Keeping the environment near you neat and your clothes clean is the first step towards leading a healthy life. And keeping your clothes clean is the first step to making them live much longer. Stains and dirt can weaken fabrics over time. Here's what you can do:

  • Regularly launder your clothes as per the instructions mentioned in the tag.

  • Don’t just use any other stain remover when you get your clothes dirty.

  • Always check that your clothes are completely dry before storing them.

Proper Storing Place

Cloth protection starts with storing your clothes in a completely dry and clean space. Safe storage doesn’t mean you need to invest; you just need to follow these few steps:

  • Always remember to invest in high-quality hangers to hang your clothes properly to maintain their fit and shape.

  • Understanding the fabric of the cloth Every cloth is not meant to be folded or hung. Figure out which piece of clothing needs to be hung and which needs to be folded.

  • Avoid overcrowding your closet. Overcrowding leads to wrinkles and wear and tear.


Moth killers

Well, no matter how clean or safe your place is, if you keep clothes, then there’s no way that moths won’t be attracted. To make your clothes last longer, getting rid of moths is another crucial aspect. You can add natural moth repellants, and here’s how to do it-

  • You should place mothballs or moth-repellant sprays (preferably chemical-free) in the place you keep your clothes to make them moth-free.

  • Place cedar in the form of single pieces or chips to get rid of moths and also to get some natural scent from your clothes.

Always store in breathable covers

Another important aspect of protecting your clothes is to always store them in breathable covers. Shielding your clothes from sunlight and dirt is yet another thing to do, but always remember to give them some space to breathe as well. Here’s how to do it:

  • Always avoid using plastic covers to store your clothes. Not only are they non-recyclable and harm the environment, but would also trap moisture and lead to mold in your clothes.

  • Using garment-based bags or cotton sheets to store your clothes for a longer duration is the best possible way to save your clothes from getting ruined.

Never wear your clothes to an extent

Always remember to give your clothes some time away from your closets. Well, we all know clothes are meant to be worn, and yes, you’re absolutely right. But don’t you think not wearing the shirt that you wore more than 40 times in the last 2 months requires some time to recover? Follow the steps below to understand how to not repeat your clothes

  • Always style your clothes according to the season in your country. Every piece of cloth is not meant for every season. Always remember to take care of your clothes as the season passes by.

  • Always give your clothes some space before wearing them regularly. Regular use of the same cloth would not only reduce your self-confidence but would also brutally impact the piece of cloth.

Protect from humidity

Well, as mentioned above, excessive humidity can simply be one of the biggest destroyers of your clothes. Follow the steps below to save your clothes from getting humid:

  • Many of you must not be aware that using dehumidifiers in an area that is humid can immensely increase the life of your clothes by several months or years as well.

  • Another way to remove moisture from your closet is by keeping silica gel packs to keep your clothes free of humidity.

Protect from light

As your clothes require less humidity, it’s also important to keep them away from direct sunlight if you don’t want the color of your clothes to fade and the fabric to weaken. Here’s how you can do it:

  • The best possible way to protect your clothes from direct sunlight is by using curtains and placing your wardrobe away from sunlight.

  • You can also approach the modern-day method and install energy-efficient LED lights that emit less heat than a traditional bulb to keep your clothes safe from UV rays.

Repairing and altering

There has been a moment in your life when you found a loose button in your shirt and ignored it, right? What happened to that button? Hasn’t it already come out? If not, it will if you don’t take proper care of it. Here’s what to do:

  • Always look after the stains or loose buttons in your clothes and try to fix them instantly. Losing a single piece of a button from your shirt would require you to change every button it has. So don’t you think it’s better to fix something before it’s gone?

  • Rinsing of stains and dirt is yet another useful way to make your clothes last longer. An immediate response to dirt stains and marks will help you lose that stain easily and won’t impact your clothing in the long term.


We at Dwij are firm believers in sustainable fashion and want the world to know the power of sustainability. Following the above-mentioned steps would certainly make your clothes last longer and save you money on new clothes every alternate month.

Also, apart from taking proper care, it’s also important to say a complete no to cheap clothes and fast fashion if you want clothes that are not only stylish but high quality as well. Doing so would lead you to live a completely healthy life. So, what are you waiting for? Don’t you think it’s time to take care of your garments?

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