The Problem

Around 2 Million Tonnes of Denim is generated globally

  • An estimated 80-100 billion new garments are sent to landfills every year, out of which 95% could be reused, reworn or upcycled.

  • Every pair of jeans takes approx 10,000 ltrs of water to grow cotton, and use chemicals in abundance to achieve the faded look.

  • Every wardrobe would definitely have a pair of jeans stacked below a pile of most frequently used clothes.

  • Jeans being a versatile and durable garment, we encourage you to let all such garments get a new life, through dwij.

Do you keep wondering about the end of life of your old clothes? We urge all such environmentally sensitive people to reach out to us for your old jeans donation, and be rest assured that they would get a second life. Read few myth vs reality of the clothing industry.​

Join India’s Largest Denim Donation Drive & save your denim from the landfills #OnlyOnePlanet

What we do?

We upcycle post-consumer jeans and post-industrial fabrics to make eco-friendly bags. Our intention is to create a system where people can dispose of their jeans responsibly and give them a second life. We wash these jeans and creatively upcycle them as per their size and shape. The money we would have otherwise spent to buy these jeans are kept aside 100% for social welfare activities, thus, we don't make profits on the jeans you donate. 


Courier your jeans to dwij

Address :- Unit no. 6, Gala Udyog Industries, Kailash Commercial Complex, LBS Marg, Opposite Raj Legacy, Vikhroli West, Mumbai - 400083

Phone :- 8369051021

For people outside Mumbai, the most economical option to the courier is via Indiapost "parcel". The only thing to remember in Indiapost is "pack the material after showing them what you are packing". Please do share the tracking details so that we can inform you once we receive them.

We also accept Wefast/Borzo and Swiggy Genie deliveries within Mumbai.

Drop a message here once you post us your jeans, in order to receive a confirmation email upon receiving!

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