What Makes Your Upcycled Denim Accessories 100% Sustainable?

Whether you’re a Dwij loyalist or new to our brand, you probably know that a Dwij bag is designed to represent sustainability. The name 'dwij' itself also means "second life" in Sanskrit and that’s the ethic we were founded upon- To address the humongous textile wastes that get landfilled or incinerated. Since we create accessories from waste denim, upcycling remains a key feature, but it’s not our only eco-conscious one. So, now the real question is whether upcycled denim are a good option or not. Follow the blog post to know more.


At Dwij, we take great pride in the fact that everything you shop from us is holistically sustainable. From our creation process to every last zipper used, we pay great attention to detail, so that everything we make is planet-safe. Read on, to know the features of a Dwij creation that make it 100% eco-fashion:


1. Post-consumer textiles: This one’s an obvious one, that you probably already know of. But we have a little backstory as to why we work with post-consumer denim in particular. As you must be aware, denim (a derivative of cotton) is quite unsustainable in nature. With its excessive use of water and resources, it can add to the eco-crisis we currently face. However, it has one great feature- Immense durability.

By reusing worn and discarded denim, we aim to solve two key problems- The first is to divert waste denim from our landfills by increasing its lifespan and the second, is to create long-lasting accessories that reduce your need for regular consumption.


Besides this, even the insides of your bag are lined with either upcycled shirt lining or 100% grey cotton fabric. Since the latter is generally also made from waste, it ensures we stay true to the promises we make!


PS: We know the idea of ‘made from waste’ can be a little concerning but don’t you worry. All the denim we use is first washed and cleaned to ensure 100% hygiene!

Sourcing of post-consumer jeans
Sourcing of post-consumer jeans


2. Non-corrosive metals: While there is little use of metal in cloth-based accessories, it is not possible to completely do away with the use of basics. However, given our priority toward sustainability, we ensure that every Dwij bag uses only high-quality and long-lasting metals that are non-corrosive in nature. This includes Good quality zippers and runners. These zippers are created to self-lubricate with every use, so you don’t have to fear wearing out of these with regular usage. Rather, these are intended to get smoother with each use. This makes these ideally durable, especially for your daily-wear bags!

YKK Zippers

3. Reuse of raw materials: Another key sustainability ethic we pride ourselves in is not just the reuse of your denim, but also in our ability to reuse different kinds of materials to create new collections. By creatively collaborating with other conscious brands and individuals, we often find ways to reuse other materials in our designs. Take the case of our most recent jewellery collection! To create these statement pieces, we worked with cigarette waste and excess fibres to create daily wearable denim jewellery.

Every now and then, we also use recycled PET bottles for the creation of some of our sturdiest bags! Not only does it add structure and strength but also helps make your bags semi-waterproof! Similarly, we’re always open to the collection and use of materials that may come in handy. If you’d like to send us your used denim or collaborate with us, reach out here.

Leftover Scraps from bags' manufacturing is used to make jewellery
Leftover Scraps from bags' manufacturing is used to make jewellery


4. Ethical Trade Practices: The Dwij community is an artisan-led and supported one. Being a social enterprise, we make it a point to employ, upskill and work with tailors and craftswomen from marginalized communities. By putting their skills to good use, we not only intend to create a steady stream of income and livelihood but also to ensure these skilled workers’ rights are always protected. To ensure this, we also stand firm on our fair wages policy. It is these skilled workers who are the key creators of your hand-tailored bags. Designed to near perfection, each of our artisans put their heart and soul into every Dwij creation. Meet our team and learn more about those who made your products! Click here to know more!

Dwij believes in ethical and fair trade practices


5. 100% Vegan & Zero-Waste Production: Last but not least, every Dwij product is created with cruelty-free processes in mind. While denim itself is naturally vegan, we ensure your end-product remains that way. From any potential dyes used to any new materials added to the mix, everything that forms a Dwij product remains vegan. Additionally, we continue to strive towards zero-waste processes, by reusing production scraps for smaller products, ensuring no leftovers are irresponsibly discarded and ensuring we don’t indulge in over-production. You can read more about our processes in detail here!

Upcycling of Denim at Diwj is Cruelty-Free and Zero Waste


6. End of Life Care: As far as possible, when we create or sell to you, we also try to close the loop and take responsibility for what happens to your products once you’re done using them. As a practice, we urge you to help us stay circular in our efforts. So, every time you’re done with a Dwij bag, we would be grateful if you could get in touch with us and ship it back to our workshop. We would ensure that all usable elements of the bag are extracted and given yet another life! Along with that, all non-reusable elements will be disposed of in an environmentally conscious manner.

Recycle, Reuse, Reduce

We know we have a long road ahead and miles to cover before we can help make India a leading eco-conscious nation. However, with every Dwij product buy, every piece of denim you send us and with every new creation, we aim to bridge this gap a little more. To this date, Dwij has upcycled more than 4500 pairs of jeans, 1200 m of post-industrial denim, and 1400m of post-industrial fabric. We’re immensely grateful to all of you for supporting this impact with your love and brand loyalty. Our win is surely your win too, so we thank you for opting to upcycle with Dwij!


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